Our Services

S4CS provides a wide range of services as you can see from the list below. However, if there’s something you’re looking for that isn’t on the list then please

text: 07486 632611

call:  01604 962744 / 07783754063 

email: enquiries@S4CS.org.uk

  • Communicator Guide service for people who have dual sensory loss
  • Specialist Support provision for Deaf and hard of hearing people, of all ages from 14 years and over
  • Independent Living
  • Ad-hoc support
  • Support planning
  • Communication support
  • Support for those leaving hospital

How to access support from our service?


  1. Referral to this service can be made through the council, doctor, other professional or an individual person (self-referral)
  2. S4CS or a referral agency will arrange a home visit to discuss and carry out an assessment with the service user directly to identify the individual’s support needs to enable the creation of a tailor-made individual support plan.
  3. Once assessment is completed, it will go to a panel for an approval.
  4. An allocated specialist community support worker will provide the one-to-one support following the tailor-made support plan.


If you have any support requirements then please email on enquiries@s4cs.org.uk, text on 07486 632611 or call on 01604 962744 / 07783754063.

Who do we work with?


S4CS work with a wide variety of professionals from various services including:

  • NHS and other specialised medical services
  • DWP Benefits including UC, PIP and other benefits
  • Local Authorities and their departments
  • Business setup and support
  • Access to Work (AtW) set up and support
  • Police, courts and other legal systems
  • Women’s Aid agencies
  • Children services
  • Housing, residential and housing benefits
  • Adult Health and Social Care
  • BSL interpretation / deaf relay
  • Training, work and education
  • Immigration and British Citizen Applications